Wanted: Eurojob for schlagfertige Dame

Thought of the day: it’s an oddly refreshing feeling when the contents of your life fit into a three-piece luggage set.

Only three days of Fulbright ETA work left, most of which will be spent celebrating the end of the school year. If there’s one thing to learn about Germans it’s that they (like my fellow Badgers) have a strict “work hard/play really, really hard” mentality. Once tasks are checked off the to-do list, it’s time to party!

After Kyra, Rick and I held a good-bye party this past Saturday I was left feeling a little peculiar as I’m the one “staying behind”. Having to repeat the fact that no, I’m not flying back to the states just yet, and yes, I do want to live in Europe for at least another year (or two…or three) made me start honing my plans for the next few months. Here’s the run-down of my itinerary as I have it planned so far:

June 19-July 8: trip through Spain and some of western France. Tentative destinations: Madrid, Sevilla, Algeciras, Gibraltar, Tangier, Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Bordeaux, La Rochelle.

July 8-August 30: au pair work in Frankfurt

August 30-October 28: trip to Indochina, i.e. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam (and Malaysia as well, theoretically).

October 29-? Mystery.

During the summer I’ll have time to find a job that ideally will start in November of this year. I can easily see myself working as a representative for an international company in ______ (insert any large European city in English/German/French-speaking Europe).

Achtung, Achtung. Here comes the part where I ask for your help…

My experience includes public relations, communications, sales, language education, event planning, travel writing, translation and more — I’m now looking for anything that will keep me working in direct contact with people and not sitting mindlessly at a computer for 40 hours a week. Ah yes, and voilà,

my CV/resumé in both English and Deutsch.

If you or someone you know has a job/internship/project/idea that you know I could rock the socks off of, please leave a comment or send me an email (kern.ginger[at]gmail.com).

With that, I’ll just leave you with a substantial “thank you in advance!” and a note that the next blog post will probably be one of those sappy, all-good-things-come-to-an-end sob fests. You have been warned…



Ever get the feeling you’ve forgotten where you are? Sometimes I’m around so much English (including a lot of native speakers) that I forget that I’m in Germany. Random things help me remember what continent I’m on, and ambulance sirens seem to be particularly helpful in orientating myself. (Yes, orientating, not orienting…British English is slowly taking over my mind).

Take, for instance, a good old American ambulance siren

Now compare it with what I hear on a daily basis.

Voilà: a handy, albeit peculiar and obnoxious reminder that I am, in fact, in Europe.

Here I Go Again…

Righto, off I go on another blog-worthy adventure in Germany.  For those of you who are unaware, I previously studied abroad in Bonn, Germany for five months and kept this blog, primarily as a memento for when I am old and vaguely senile.  This time around, I decided to do approximately the same thing, with approximately the same name (lack of creativity overtook me), so that you, dear reader, could live vicariously through my mishaps and meanderings.  I welcome comments, but would ask that you keep them appropriate for *ahem* all potential family members/members of the general public whom I wish to impress and who may or may not be viewing this blog simultaneously.

Perhaps you’re wondering what sort of web I’ve gotten myself tangled in this time?   Right, well, before I write anything else, it’s time for (oh, goody!) a disclaimer…*cue foreboding music*.

This blog is not an official Department of State website or blog, and my views and the information presented on this blog and through the links contained in this blog are my own and do not represent the Fulbright Program or the U.S. Department of State.

Now, that being said, I do hope to give you all some insight into the next ten months of my life, which will be primarily spent teaching English in Laubach, about an hour’s drive north of Frankfurt in the central German state of Hesse.   I have been assigned to the Friedrich-Magnus-Gesamtschule, which includes students in the approximate American equivalent of 5th through 10th grade.  My contract stipulates that I am to be an assistant teacher for 12 hours per week, for which I receive 800€ per month plus health insurance.  I’ll be leaving this Sunday, August 22nd, and am contracted from September 9th, 2010 until June 24th, 2011.

For peace of mind and relaxation, I’ve decided to fly back a bit early and visit friends in Bonn before the Fulbright program orientation in Cologne from September 6th – 9th.  I’ll be staying with Patrik, my “Bonn Buddy” from the semester abroad, who I’m sure is thrilled to be able to witness what a mess I am during the lovely stages of jet lag.  Between August 22nd and September 6th, I’ll have the chance to visit Laubach and ‘get my affairs in order’, a.k.a. sign a one month contract for a room in student housing, purchase a cell phone contract, open a bank account, etc.  All very mundane things, all best done once the muffled gray of jet lag has passed!

More to come over the next few days, so keep an eye out for updates.  Thanks for joining me on my next adventure!