Shortest game ever.

I waited a grand total of two days before I got the phone call. Starting in mid-October, you can find me designing and producing all sorts of publications (similar to the one below) at the American Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt, Germany.

This means, of course, that more blog material is to come, as Ginger will still be in Germany…if all goes well, for a solid two years.

But wait! you say, Isn’t Ginger supposed to be in Cambodia/Thailand until the end of October?

True. I have no time-turner, nor can I teleport (yet), so I’ll be adjusting my travel plans and flying back to Europe three weeks earlier than originally planned, cutting my Asian adventure from 8 weeks to 5. Still, not too shabby.

Back to the present…though I know you’re still ogling Bill Gates on that beautiful magazine cover…

I’m a big fan of side projects. Work is work, but when work is fun, work isn’t work. Right? Well, this next opportunity seems especially well-suited to me: I’ll be translating a transcript for a humorous audiobook aimed specifically at getting Americans to learn German and I’ll likely also be doing the voice-over for one of the characters in the book. Freelancing is fun, what can I say?

Now if I could just find a snazzy, inexpensive, conveniently located place to live in Frankfurt…


2 thoughts on “Shortest game ever.

  1. Congrats! Don’t you just love that feeling when you get the next chunk of your life figured out?

    As for your next blog title… I vote “Ginger In Germany (Again) [Again]”

    1. Yes, I definitely do! (Come visit?)

      And I was thinking “Ginger (Still) In Germany” … though it’ll probably just be connected to once it’s up and running.

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