The Waiting Game.

Au pair work is going well, really, it’s a breeze.  The important thing is to find a family who is accommodating and flexible, and one who doesn’t view you as a servant. I’ve been lucky to find a bilingual family using and I would recommend the website to anyone looking for au pair work anywhere in the world.

The pros outweigh the cons: I have 20 hours of “work” per week for this seven-week period, for which I am paid Germany’s standard 260 Euro per month, plus insurance, all food and travel expenses and I naturally don’t pay anything for rent either. It’s a perfect arrangement that has allowed me to dedicate plenty of time to my real priority — the Great European Job Search.

This journey is a sort of one I hope leads me to … well … Germany. Frankfurt would be ideal. I’ve been grateful for my contacts who have helped me already to polish up a German CV and revise my American resumé to fit a more European CV style. I’m currently playing the waiting game, as I’ve already had one interview for a position that fits me very well. Press your thumbs and/or cross your fingers for me, please?

The spare time has also been enough to fill with more private English conversation lessons, which I’ve been enjoying as it means I get paid generously, tax-free, for doing something I do anyway: speak my native language. Otherwise, I have few updates (and I’m sorry that this post is more housekeeping than anything culturally interesting). My prep work for Cambodia and Thailand is still going on, having already had two of three rabies shots and a typhoid vaccination as well (all great fun, I assure you).

I’m going to Paris in a few weeks for one last European hurrah before the expected chaos of Cam/Thai takes over for a while, but other than that my travels have been slowing down. Instead, I’ve taken the time to discover and rediscover a few excellent dance clubs in Frankfurt (Cocoon and Living XXL), done a bit more travel writing that is in the process towards publication, and read four wonderful books — The Kite Runner and the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson.

Right now Sir Henry — that’s the family cat — is nuzzling me very intensely, so I think I’ll let him have a bit of affection for the time being…stay well!


2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game.

  1. Ah the Kite Runner. I’ve always wanted to read that. I hear it is a great movie too. Best on the job interview response.

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