Tierra nueva

Returning to the promises I made to myself at the beginning of the year, now is the perfect time to take stock of what exactly I’ve done to fulfill them.

1)      Experience at least 3 new countries this year.

After having visited Luxembourg, Spain is the next new territory to conquer. I’m here now (!) and it’s the first country I’ve ever been to where I don’t speak the language well enough to talk about things other than numbers, colors, food, the weather, public transportation, or myself. More on this in the next post about Madrid and Sevilla, though if you want to have a sneak-peek, pics from Madrid are already up here.

2)      Noticeably improve my Spanish.

Related to #1 I had been working with Hugo, my Mexican tandem partner, on a weekly basis since February. You know I hate going to a place and imposing English on people as a default. Part of the plan was to get my Spanish up to par for communication needs as a tourist, but I plan on continuing to learn.

3)      Launch my personal website by the summer.

This one is still in the works, though the design is completely finished. Big shout-out to my best friend, graphic designer/programmer/artist Chelsea Tredupp, for her creative genius! Expect the site to be up by the end of August.

4)      Do something crazy.

Done 😉

5)      Inspire you to do something crazy.

Well, that remains to be seen, doesn’t it? Some of you have told me your stories…my favorite is the friend of mine who stayed at an all-gay sex party in Berlin (observing, not participating in it, surprisingly…not that that’s better or worse) because he thought to himself, “Ginger would be disappointed if I didn’t stay – it would make a great story!” Very true.


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