Port of Entry: Calais border crossing to Dover

English Border Patrol Agent (BPA): Where are you from?
Ginger: America.
BPA: What are you doing in Germany?
Ginger: Teaching for a year at a middle school.
BPA: And what are you teaching, exactly?
Ginger: The American language.
BPA: Oh good, if you’d have said you were teaching them English, then there would have been a real problem! (laughs)

Finally! A government employee with a sense of humor! I had forgotten what that was like…


Crossing over, on the ferry: ordering food

Ginger: I’ll have a tea, please. (Barista leaves immediately to serve it…) Actually, what kind do you have? (Hoping for green tea…)
Barista: The milk and sugar are just around the corner. (Brings black tea.)
Ginger: (Ah, naturally.) Right, thanks. (Pays £1,40, adds sugar.)

How silly of me to think that there would be a choice


Dover: reactions, thoughts

Dang, those cliffs really are white.

First bout of homesickness: the harbor, boats, and seagulls make me miss Lake Michigan’s open water terribly. (Never mind the fact that in my notes I wrote harbour).


London: reactions, thoughts

*Note — I was 16 the first time I traveled to London with my family. We did the normal touristy stuff and it was excellent.*

Very old English gentlemen who remind me of my grandfather still make me smile to myself. Extra points if they’re smoking a pipe.

Very old English ladies who smell like my grandmother make me tear up, and then smile to myself.

“I laughed until I soiled my breeches.” (Film advertisement on a double decker bus) manages to sound considerably more elegant than “I laughed until I shit my pants”.

First Krispy Kreme in years, £1,20 (1.97 USD) from Tesco. So. Worth. It.

Fish and chips is still damn good — pass the vinegar!


2 thoughts on “Bringlish

  1. My favorite post…… much love, family history acknowledged, understanding, humor, and insight. My mom pretty much said the same thing Ginger about the White Cliffs of Dover when she first saw them!! I’ve not seen them myself! I truly hope you enjoy the time you have this weekend and can’t wait to hear about it. I miss you. Love, Mom

  2. So you find the german government employee all to serious? 🙂 It’s one of the stereotypes Dutch people have from Germans, that they can’t smile and are always serious about everything.

    It is a bit strange having no choice when it comes to the tea flavors, I though the British where famous for drinking so much tea the whole day.

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