Thespians do it on stage

3 performances down, 3 to go. Had another sold out house last night, including an entire row of native English speakers whose well-timed laughter made the energy skyrocket. I’m rather pleased with the critics’ reviews, so do indulge me as I feel like giving myself a little pat on the back after my first appearance on an international stage.

For the original reviews (in German): Gießener Anzeiger and Gießener Allgemeine

For those of you less inclined to copy/paste into Google Translate, here are a few relevant snippets conveniently translated just for you:

For the first time on stage in Gießen, the American girl is confident and convincing in her role…

Down to the modest body language consistent with the temporal background, Kern plays the unfaithful wife charmingly.

Ginger Kern (on the other hand), plays the naive wife who, with typical British composure, is completely surprised by the disastrous situation.

And the constructive criticism? “[The love between Max and Margot Wendice] could easily be overlooked.” *Sigh*, if only you had understood that Margot has left Max in the past and truly does love her scoundrel of a husband…but then I suppose they’re not allowed to love everything…

“‘(Dial M for) Murder’ belongs to the strongest successes of the theater company yet, which continues to reinvent itself with new talent. Well done!”

Photo credit: Gießener Anzeiger, Schultz


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