I have a baby!

Considering I’ll be working as an au pair just outside of Frankfurt this summer, the title of this post suddenly becomes much less shocking. I had been looking for a tidy little bridge to connect my time as a Fulbright ETA to my nomadic future months in Asia, and was thrilled to find a family searching for an au pair for their curly, blond-haired 1-year-old daughter. After spending the afternoon with her, her British mother and German father (and the family cat, Sir Henry) this past Sunday, I’m quite pleased with the seven week arrangement we’ve reached.

And hey, if you’re in the area and want to stop by, let me know! My room has a pull-out couch and plenty of space, so I’m looking forward to having guests…

In any case, this means that Ginger in Germany (Again) will continue at least until the end of August. Hope you’re looking forward to more cultural/expat/travel writing posts based from an even more exciting, international location! And if you see me around with a blue-eyed baby, you can rest assured that — regardless of how much we look alike — she’s not mine! 😉


One thought on “I have a baby!

  1. If I were still in Europe you know I’d come visit you! It’s kind of sad that my blog is ending, but at least I get to keep reading yours all summer!

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