Margot Wendice, how do you do?

If you care to see me play a British trophy wife, you can see me in Dial M for Murder starting at the end of April with Gießen’s Keller Theater, the oldest English-language theater in Germany. It turns out that the schedule conflict issue with my spring break only applies to the second of the two weeks of vacation, as they can’t make us rehearse during Easter weekend. So, juhu!, I get to have my cake and eat it too! I’ll see what I can do with 11 days of vacation as opposed to 18…I’m sure I can figure out something exciting to do.

The other cast members are mostly Germans, along with a Belgian girl, a German/Brazilian girl, and an American guy as well. The cast and crew are made up of both high school and university students in addition to a few members of the community. What I’m really looking forward to is finally having my mishmash British accent critiqued and refined by two native speakers (Julie Pownall is one of them), both women who work with the Keller Theater.

Otherwise, besides a slight change in my schedule that allows me to work a mere three days a week for the next five months, there’s very little to report. Ah, but did I mention that I’m teaching a dance unit in the 8th graders’ gym classes now? Right…you try getting pubescent boys to dance samba, merengue and salsa without complaining or making it look like a football/soccer drill…on the other hand, the girls (and secretly, some of the boys I’m sure) are loving it! Shout-out to Erika’s Waka Waka dance choreography which I’ve adapted slightly to be a part of the lessons. Next week will be the last session for one of the classes, where I hope to teach some intermediate salsa moves and end in a classically European fashion, with an hour of elegant waltz. Maybe elegant is going a bit far, but we’ll see what we can do.

Next up: Heidelberg! The Fulbright program has coordinated a Winter Ball for it’s current and former assistant teachers, and I’ll be extremely surprised if it does actually provide the opportunity for me to bust out my formal ballroom skills. Either way, it should be a lark ^_^

After that? THE SUPER BOWL! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a fair weather fan of the Green Bay Packers. I don’t follow American football (or any sport, for that matter), but it does feel nice that Wisconsin’s team made it to the final stage! I’ll be spending the night at Philipp’s house since the game starts at 12:30 a.m. for us; we’ll be baking real American-style brownies (none of this dry, vaguely chocolaty nonsense that Germans call “brownies”), grilling some brats and burgers, and indulging in some American gluttony in front of the Glotze. Thumbs pressed (fingers crossed) that the Packers win!


One thought on “Margot Wendice, how do you do?

  1. nice to know you are celebrating the Packers win of the NFC (National Football Conference) with brats and burgers. Gotta make a cheesehead hat!

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