Picture this:

My Colombian friend William visited me this past weekend. Actually, a lot of things have happened…causing the distraction from writing blog posts, you see. I’ll try to keep on top of things with little posts instead of leaving you hanging for over a week, promise.

Weekend recap! Woot!

Friday: Bernard Allison concert with my German friend Philipp.

Bernard Allison (right)

The wonderful thing (well, there are many wonderful things) about Philipp is that he was the only one to reply to the message I posted in the Gießen Couchsurfing group before I moved to Laubach. Coincidentally he was about to embark on a trip of his own, traveling for 6 months throughout North and South America and was planning to travel from Chicago to Lacrosse, Wisconsin to visit an old host family. He took time out of his schedule to make an extra stop in Madison back in August, just to acquaint me with Laubach (turns out, he even went to the “high school” where I lived for the first two months).  Now he’s finally back from his whirlwind trip, and I’m thrilled to have him around!

Saturday: my Colombian friend William arrived! Will was my first Couchsurfer ever. Well, technically he slept on fellow-Erlangen-ETA-Andy’s couch, since my roommates at the time (5 of them, all guys; fun times in that house) weren’t exactly trusting of a random dude coming to crash on our couch.  I tried to reassure them that especially since he was coming to study as a grad student in Madison, he would have no motivation to make off with our blue leather couch, old 22″ TV, various laptops, shot glasses, etc.  No words could convince them, so I enlisted help of others, but ended up helping him find his apartment and getting him settled into Madison myself.  That was back in 2008.  Since then, he has been a part of Madtown Ballroom, the student org I was a leader of for two years and even came to celebrate Christmas with my family in Milwaukee last year.  This past week he was teaching at a conference in Erlangen and came to experience Gießen’s “beautiful sights” (and my undying love) as soon as he finished. We explored Frankfurt for a few hours, came back to Gießen and went dancing till our feet gave out.  Then we ate a Döner.

penguin girl eyes up boot-wearing rebel boy

Sunday: holy smokes, it was actually sunny on Sun-day! My, my, the weather gods favored Will’s visit. I gave him a tour of Gießen’s finest streets (ahem, ahem) and when we were finished stalking the various ice skaters with my newly-acquired/borrowed camera, we took the train to Marburg so he could see the classic beauty of a “real German city”.

Dinner with Will, Philipp, Kyra, and Rick made a lovely end to a beautiful day and provided the photo in the post below.  Happy days.


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