Dir einen guten Rutsch!

Success! We’ve survived another year and are one year closer to seeing the world destroyed in the 2012 apocalypse!

Ok, maybe not the apocalypse part. But I do hope you’re as pleased as I am with how 2010 turned out.  And perhaps also pleased with the new format of this blog…what can I say, I get bored when things are the same for too long!  Not to get too preachy, but I’d encourage you to think about your accomplishments and evaluate where you are in your grandiose scheme of life.  As for me, I’m happy with what I’ve checked off of my life’s to-do list.  In 2010, I…(please note that I write this with an extremely grateful undertone)…

-celebrated the New Year in Bonn, Germany
-learned how to hold my own in Argentine tango and Lindy Hop/Charleston social dancing
-choreographed bride & groom dances for two weddings
-partied on Bourbon Street
-explored the Jean Lafitte and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks
-met my southern counterpart in New Orleans (yes, the world contains more than one Ginger Kern, and the other one I know is actually a ginger!)
-won the Fulbright grant to teach English in Germany (but you already know that)
-performed group and partner routines in 7 dance events for total audiences of nearly 2,000 people
-was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa German Honor Society
-graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts in German, certificate in European Studies
-visited NYC for the second time, saw The Glass Menagerie on Broadway
-passed the Wisconsin Accident & Health insurance exam, got my license, worked for Aflac as a sales associate
-saw Imogen Heap, LMFAO, Gaelic Storm, and Scythian in concert
-took part in my first flash mob on National Dance Day
-biked through the Dutch countryside
-tried countless dishes of food for the first time…and several new beverages as well
-had my first nude, mixed-gender European sauna experience
-Couchsurfed in four countries and 12 different cities, hosted a German guy and a Dutch girl in Madison, Wisconsin
-hitchhiked for the first time (finally…honestly…)
-taught more than 200 hours of English lessons
-started a freelance translation project of 9000 words from English to German
-wrote a blog with 14,354 words (and counting!) and 1,500 hits in four months (…for a random travel blog, not bad I suppose?)

What do I want to happen next, you ask?  Well, I’d appreciate being able to stay happy, healthy, and productive.  Otherwise, I’ll continue my own self-development, avoid the loathsome process of “Age Dulling” by staying mentally and physically active, learning new skills and improving the ones I already have.  CONSTANT VIGILANCE! O_o

Specific goals I want you to see me accomplish in 2011:

-launch my personal website by the summer
-experience at least 3 new countries
-noticeably improve my Spanish
-do something crazy
-inspire you to do something crazy!

Happy New Year, lovely blog readers.  May 2011 be a year for fulfillment of dreams!


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