Home Sweet (Second…Third?) Home.

Grüße aus Bonn! I’ve managed to make it across the seas unharmed and (uncharacteristically) un-jet-lagged.  Flying from Milwaukee to O’Hare was a breeze, followed by a seven hour flight to Frankfurt.  I was lucky enough to be seated amongst a large group of German boy/girl scouts, so between their chatting and my German translation of T.C. Boyle’s book Drop City, re-immersion began as soon as I boarded the plane.  (Note to self: take a 4:00 pm flight when traveling to Europe; you’ll get there around 11:00 pm  your body time and be able to stay up till however long it takes to get to the final destination without feeling sluggish).

I took the hour long ICE train trip to Cologne, where Patrik met me, and we hopped on the regional train to Bonn.  After we lugged the bags upstairs, made coffee and had some Brötchen mit Käse und Tomaten/yogurt and fruit, we spent the afternoon walking leisurely around Bonn, relaxing by the Rhine river until it started raining (naturally…blasted Bonn weather).  By then it was Döner time, which was delicious after nearly 8 months without one.  I did end up napping for a few hours, but was able to stay up past one with Patrik’s friends Sebastian and Maike watching the German film Soul Kitchen  along with Flight of the Conchords and Tim Minchin (see his song about Gingers here) …so a bit of English after all. 🙂


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